The City of Savannah, the "Hostess City of the South", is the oldest planned City in the world. Union General William Sherman, on his famous and fiery "March to the Sea", was so captivated by Savannah that he spared the City, and presented it to President Abraham Lincoln as a Christmas gift. Here are just a few more facts about the city:

  • Savannah allows individuals to have an open container in public within the historic district. Obviously there are some limitations, but all IAH 2011 hotels and venue are located within the open container (ahem historic district)
  • Weather – Savannah enjoys a subtropical climate that makes outdoor activities possible year round. The average high in October is 77 degrees F and the average low for the same time is 67 degrees F. Yes, The Southern Hashpitality Group is planning the event for Columbus Day Weekend October 2011.

So just how did The Southern Hashpitality Group convince the community and businesses they should support the bid? Simple we just told them about the hash! Each vendor and candidate was provided an overview of IAH and was met by the organizing committee to ensure working with the hash was beneficial to all parties.

The Southern Hashpitality Group believes Savannah is a great city to host IAH 2011 and we hope you do to!

The Southern Hashpitality Group is working to finalize details for the use of historic Grayson Stadium. Opened in 1941 Grayson bring baseball history to Savannah as players such as Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle and Jackie Robinson graced the field in baseball past. Today, it is the home field for the Savannah Sand Gnats a minor league baseball team affiliated with the New York Mets.

Primarily used for baseball, Grayson Stadium will provide a fantastic venue for IAH. Grayson will provide:

  • Picnic eating area with tables and chairs
  • Concession stands for food and beverage service
  • Permanent bathrooms
  • Scoreboard (think big screen TV to display hash behavior)
  • Lightning and sound for evening festivities
  • Covered concourse, grandstand and other areas
  • Convenient access to Krystal for the late night drunk snack

Grayson is located in Daffin Park just outside the Savannah historic district. The brick facade on the outside along with large weeping trees makes for a very picturesque exterior. Built in 1907, Daffin Park was designed by the famous landscape artist John Nolen of Cambridge, Massachusetts, the park was developed as a formal Beau Arts-style park with two circular nodes linked to the four corners by tree lined diagonal roads.

Continuous shuttles will route hashers from the hotel properties to the venue.

The Trails

Savannah and the surrounding area offer many opportunities for trail runs or biking through a diverse terrain. Typically, the area is characterized by flat terrain with extensive marsh land, but not every trail will venture through the shiggy. Here is just a snapshot of trail opportunities:

Island & Beach Trails – Just a short drive (under 60 minutes) from Savannah are several islands offering a variety of trail options. The islands along the Savannah coast are inland islands as they are not out in the Atlantic Ocean, but are located among swampy, marshy land with rivers and other tributaries separating them. Specifically, the eastern islands of Wilmington, Whitemarsh, Talahi, Oatland, and Tybee offer gorgeous terrain and flora providing excellent trail opportunities. The southeastern islands of Skidaway, Dutch islands and the Isle of Hope are more residential and offer significant natural beauty and luxurious places to live and play golf.

City & Suburban Trails – Just a short walk from the hotels and the venue are great parks and scenic paths. Allowing hashers not so interested in shaggy to opportunity to take in the great city of Savannah.

The Southern Hashpitality Group is looking for various kennels in the Southeast to join in laying trail in their home hash “personality.” For example, Atlanta’s Black Sheep hash will lay a shiggy, swampy, mucky trail complete with trail trial and blocks of ice for those down down offenses. Whereas Atlanta’s Moonlight Hash might lay an urban running trail or Atlanta H4 might lay a trail that brings a little bit of everything to the table or Atlanta’s Southern Comfort or Darkside hash to lay a shiggy filled night trail or the Wheelhoppers to lay a bike hash.

If you hash in the Southeastern U.S. and are interested in organizing or combining with another hash to lay a trail, please contact us.