Welcome to the Official Site for IAH 2011, Savannah, GA! The event is being organized by The Southern Hashpitality Group, Inc. based out of Atlanta, GA and has an organizing committee consisting of hashers from Atlanta, Savannah and Charleston.

The organizing committee will work as hard to plan IAH 2011 as General James Oglethorpe did when he founded and planned the city in 1733. Seriously, Savannah is a beautiful, historic city with style and Southern charm. It has been called the sultry Southern belle of the Georgia Coast.

The Southern Hashpitality Group brings together the following:

  • Experience - Hashers on the organizing committee collectively have more than 100 years hashing experience. Translation: Our collective age is almost equal to the average hasher's age in a certain kennel thatalways bids on IAH.

  • Diversity - We love the cheap beerAND the micro brew. Translation: We are lining up local micros as well asthe goodol' hash swill.
  • Adventure - Savannah trail country brims with man-eating shrimp, devious crabs, andshotgun-toting oysters. Translation:Uh, wait, no, we mean Savannah trail country brims with men eating shrimp, deviled crab andoyster shooters.Not much forest running, either, but you just might run across Forrest Gump!
  • Southern Comfort - Rhett and Scarlett never had finer places to shag. Translation: The hash hotels are beautiful and right in the historic district!
  • Cost-consciousness- You've been laid off, your 401k is in the crapper, and you spent your unemployment check on beer, but we know you can stillafford a long weekend in Savannah. Translation: If this will be the biggest, best and most cost efficient IAH.

While we do not think you need much convincing to attend, we hope the additional information available throughout the site will get ya'll to come on down to Savannah for InterAmericas 2011.